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Re: free pascal cross compiler from windows to linux working.

Harald Houppermans wrote:

So other weird red hat linux server behaviour... I have to use:  ./hello
( just hello does work on knoppix )

That's probably a red hat linux server setting... ./ means current


Just wondering what that is all about.

"." is not in the PATH by default on most Unixes, as that introduces a security hole.

Why is putting the current path in the path variable a security hole ?

That's really a question for another list.  Still, just think about all
the exploit possibilities that exist if you have a path with a constantly
changing state and without a defined set of permissions.  I don't think
it's a stretch to state that this is a less secure environment than the

IMHO, it's unlikely that Linux can destroy NTFS partitions that it only
has read-only access to.  I've been wrong before, though...

Well it sounds to scary for me :D

Don't be scared.  The read-only NTFS driver for Linux has been stable
for years.  With the exception of disk partitioning tools, which are
expected to manipulate partitions and therefore very likely will destroy
existing data, there's nothing in Linux that's going to damage your
NTFS partition.  The read-write version of the NTFS driver is another
story however.  Still, this all seems pretty off-topic for this list
as well.

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