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Re: Matlab and cygwin dll files

Anders Johansson wrote:


I have a problem, I have used cygwin to port a Matlab mex file for
reading XML files from Linux to Windows XP. A mex file is a renamed
dll file in Windows.

Presumably what you're saying here is that the mex files are Windows
DLLs when built on Windows.  If you're just renaming a file from Linux
to <file>.DLL on Windows, there will be problems.

The fist time I load the mex file in matlab after a reboot it runs
perfectly. If I exit Matlab and restart if a second time it still runs
fine. After the third restart it crashes matlab every time I run it. I
have tried to strip the file to nothing to make sure there aren't any
bugs in the file that causes the problems. Sometimes after I rebuild
the file (without changing anything in the functional structure of the
file) I can run it again.

I can't comment on this as I know nothing about Matlab.

I have seen similar problems posted by other people but no replies.
The problem seems to originate from loading and unloading of the
cygwin1 dll.

If this is really the problem, just keep bash or some other Cygwin program
running while you're using Matlab.  I'm not suggesting this as some
sort of weird solution.  Simply as a way to rule in or out your
supposition.  My guess is you're not going to see a real solution without
some time spent debugging with a debugger.

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