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Re: rxvt icon replacement

On Mon, 30 Jun 2003, Robert R Schneck wrote:

> > Is there any chance that the rxvt icon resource could be changed to
> > something a little more aesthetic?  IMHO, the current icon is quite
> > ugly.
> It's not too hard to change it yourself; just download an icon editor that
> can change icons in .exe files.  I used the shareware IconCool to change
> my rxvt's icon to be the Cygwin icon.
Or.. get the source package, find the icon file and replace it with the 
one you want before recompiling - no binary hacking required.

Actually, as this is open source software and thus you have (access to) 
the source, the usual way of customizing your software is exactly like 
this: "Use The Source, Duke!".



FWIW: the icon files are in /usr/src/rxvt/W11/wrap when the rxvt source 
pack is installed. The README for Cygwin tells you how to build it all.
(I must say, though, that I've never actually tried building rxvt 

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