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RE: newbie shell-users howto, guide, cheatsheet, or reference?

GRVS> Let's get this straight.  Your intent was clear.  You were yet
GRVS> again trying to be a jerk when it was completely and utterly
GRVS> unwarranted, and completely contrary to convincing anybody of
GRVS> doing anything for the Cygwin project.

I've been using cygwin since the '80s and reading this list daily for
many years.  I must say that I don't believe Chris is wrong.  Many
people mistakenly believe that any effort put in toward an open source
project is good.  At some statistical level that may be true, but at a
practical engineering level it is false.  By placing documentation and
tools outside the cygwin distribution (and distribution mechanism) you
create confusion, fragment management, increase likelihood of
incorrect or out of date data, and generally waste energy.  By failing
to acknowledge this situation you further degrade your position.

Chris is often direct in his communication.  Some people read into
this that he is being insulting, demanding, or domineering.  I believe
this is created by the reader from their own imagination.  I
appreciate Chris' style.


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