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Re: FAQ page margin width issue

Brian Dessent wrote:

Larry Hall wrote:

Or don't use IE. ;-)

With Mozilla, the line you indicate is the only one that scrolls off
the right side of the page.  Actually, a quick check of IE 5.5 (yeah,
I know it's out of date but I don't use it so I don't care) shows me
the same result.  I know that doesn't help you much but...

Are you sure you're looking at the same page I am?  On my system, both
IE 5.5 and Mozilla 1.5a render the page with the right margin of the
entire page at the width of the widest line.  The one I'm referring to
is <>

Yep.  That's it.  That line extends out beyond the edge of the
window/frame but the others above and below it render to the
frame edge just fine.  So it's just the formatting of this line
that doesn't obey the frame edge limit.  But that seems alright
to me and does appear to be the crux of your issue.

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