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Re: bug in setup.exe for postgresql-7.3.4-1

Seth Rubin wrote:
> The cygwin setup installed postgres.exe with 700 bits, not 755 mode bits.
> The tarball has 755 bits set.  An extract from the tarball, with -xvf or
> xpvf extracts in mode 755.
> Myself (and Jason) are thinking there's an issue with the cygwin setup.
> Maybe I'm being naive, but all this seems is an issue with chmod and/or
> not being done properly on the postgres.exe file during installation.  I
> don't see where ACL's or ntsec enters into it.

Here's how:
Cygwin setup *doesn't* chmod anything at all.
Hence, the file permissions end up being set by normal Windows inheritance.
Now, interpret that through ntsec, and you end up with mode 700 - on your
particular system. Setup does try to help things to turn out right, by
setting the group to Users, on the grounds that most systems will grant
Users at least Read&Execute, and most users will be in group Users. That
apparently doesn't hold true on your setup, hence your problems.


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