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Re: perl -MCPAN -e shell crashes w98se

Hallo Graham,

Am Mittwoch, 6. August 2003 um 03:15 schriebst du:

> Is it easy to install 5.61 instead ?

Yes, using setup.exe should make it as easy as possible, you find perl
in the category 'Interpreter' or the full listing (and setup.exe is
here: ). 

>>Why there was an ActiveState directory created is dubios.
>>What is in your /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/CPAN/ (there are the
>>user defined settings)?
> $CPAN::Config = {
>   'build_cache' => q[10],
>   'build_dir' => q[/.cpan/build],


Looks ok.  I really have no idea why there should be an activestate
dirtectory created.

> With the requested paths (unzip,gzip,tar..) I just gave the path that 
> which gives (/usr/bin) even though this is empty and everything is in 
> /bin. I don't understand why this is.

Try `ls /usr/bin` in a bash shell, is it really empty?
This is called a mount.  x:\cygwin\bin is mounted to /usr/bin and to
/bin so you can access the files with both paths.
See also the output of the command `mount`.


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