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Re: Controversial what if.... we disable ntsec by default again?

Mark Priest wrote:
> Max,
> What problems is ntsec causing?  I am a relatively new user and I have not
> had any problems with it.  In fact it is allowing me to host a more secure
> ssh server installation.  I have been following the list for a couple of
> months and I have not seen many problems relating to ntsec.  Most of those
> that I have seen regarding ntsec seem to stem from configuration errors by
> users rather than from anything inherent in ntsec.  It is hard to comment
> on this without knowing what the specific issues are.

[Finally replying - been busy recently]

Essentially, ntsec requires an understanding of the interaction between
Cygwin and NT ACLs that first time users will not necessarily have. If you
have that understanding, and are willing to spend the time to get things
working as you want them - great!. But for an average single-user machine,
ntsec can be a hinderance.


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