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Re: Problems with fork()

On Thu, 7 Aug 2003, wanderso wrote:

> Hate to ask a stupid question, but I cannot get fork() to work in a c++
> program.  I keep getting a link error saying - "undefined reference to
> fork()".  Same problem goes for other low-level C calls like 'unlink',
> 'open', etc...
> The test stub I'm using is this:
>         #include <stdio.h>
>         #include <stdlib.h>
>         int fork();
>         main( int argc, char **argv )
>         {
>                 int i = fork();
>         }
> NOTE: the same code works fine as a straight C program, it fails when I
> try and compile it as a .cpp file.
> I checked other posts and didn't see anything close; any help would be
> most appreciated.
> Ross Anderson.

Use 'extern "C"'.
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