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Re: Win2k and cygwin memory leak wrote:

It has already been acknowledged several times over that it is not a problem of Cygwin's rather a problem of Windows.

I think we all agree to that. But unfortunatelly, so far, only Cygwin seems affected by that problem.

Funny I don't see the problem. (Anybody else?)

Hence, every now and then, the question will be asked on this list. Because this is an extremly annoying bug that we have very little chance to run into if we are not using Cygwin.

I guess cygwin is using a library not always correctly implemented. "Isn't there any workaround cygwin could use ? " is a typical question for many of us.

Your asking for workarounds to another party's code. Personally I would rather Cygwin folks focus more on functionality and genuine Cygwin problems than fixing somebody else's problem.

What else do you want?

Personnally, I hope, as the question will be raised again and again, that an expertise will emerge. Just knowing why there is a problem will be a big step ahead -- ie: which library/service pack/... is faulty.

And what are you doing to help identify the problem (seeing as YOU are seeing the problem, YOU have the code and others have no clue what you are doing exactly that might even cause your problem)?

This time, someone told us about a freeware that collects "forgotten" memory.

Who "forgot" the memory? Right Windows - not Cygwin.

Many thanks to him! If, thanks to this program, I will be able to run ./configure for mutt or run my computer for more than 2 days (or 2 hours) without the need to reboot ... you have no idea of how glad I will be.

Is THAT the memory intensive process that you are running every 5 minutes?!? Again, others do not have the problems that you have. I run Cygwin processes on Windows 2000 Servers and they stay up for months (Unfortunately sometimes one still needs to reboot servers for service packs, security fixes, etc).

That kind of answer is want we expect. That is not a definitive bug fix, but a possible workaround.

Again, you are asking local auto mechanic to fix a design flaw in the auto manufacture! Ain't gonna happen.

BTW, if this program is an effective workaround, I think this will merit a topic in the FAQ.

You speak as if everybody is experiencing this problem - we aren't!

When you cluelessly continue to assert that it's a Cygwin memory leak is exactly where is leads down the path to character assassinations.

Could we say that cygwin relies on a faulty library developped by Microsoft? And that nobody has identified the faulty library?

You could - but that would be a guess. And it is not Cygwin developers responsibility to figure out which library that is.

With this, and all other open source software, I suggest that if you are unhappy with the product then return it and demand a fully refund :-) ! Good luck!

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