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Re: Win2k and cygwin memory leak



"Christopher Faylor" <> on 08/08/2003 11:13:02

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Subject:    Re: Win2k and cygwin memory leak

On Fri, Aug 08, 2003 at 09:01:14AM -0400, wrote:
>Seems to little ole *clueless* me, such such issues could be addressed
>in that project.  Seems like it'd be a heck of lot more congenial and
>productive to engage in creative "what if" scenario's about future
>developmemt possibilities than knee jerk character attacks.  (Of course
>I realize that's more of a cygwin-app discussion - but it would
>certainly work well to placate us clueless types in the meantime.)

This is by no means a cygwin-app discussion.  Read .

>I've made no demands, asked for no status, and set no deadlines. Just
>*dumbfounded* at the "go tell it on the Microsoft" posturing.

Hopefully you are not referring to me.  I suggested that interested parties
could do a Knowledge Base or google search.  I guess  you don't qualify.

For the record, I called a comment of yours clueless.  I did not label
you personally.  You seem to be having fun doing that to yourself,
though, so I'm glad I offered you some enjoyment.


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