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"cannot find username for UID XXX"

Hi all,

Just installed Cygwin on Win2K. It's working fine except that I don't
have a username ;( . This has some bad consequences like not being
able to use ssh. id returns the following:

uid=479 gid=10513(mkgroup_l_d)

uid 479 is not in passwd, as can be seen in attachment.

My username should be erajpaa. I have no idea where Cygwin picks up
uid 479 from. If I start up cmd.exe, I can see the following USER
related variables:

ALLUSERSPROFILE=C:\Documents and Settings\All Users
USERPROFILE=C:\Documents and Settings\erajpaa

These are inherited by the Cygwin shell, which however also creates


Could I have done something wrong during installation, or can I do
something to fix this now?

Should I change the uid for erajpaa in passwd, or can I do something
to convince Cygwin I'm uid 66015 instead?

Any help is appreciated.

Johan Parin <>

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