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Re: perl -MCPAN -e shell crashes w98se

Steve Coleman wrote:
Graham Lamont wrote:

perl -MCPAN -e shell

Anybody experience similar ?

I've been having problems with the latest version of Perl (5.8.0-3) while running/installing from CPAN on WinME. Using the previous version (5.6.1-2) seems to work fine for me when installing from CPAN. I'm not sure about what is causing your problems but mine were from dll's having errors, and 'rebaseall' did not seem to help any. I just reverted to the older version until someone can figure this out or a new version comes out with the 64 bit stuff. If I find the time I will try building perl myself and look into this further, unfortunately my WinME system is 'remote' and one 'hang' means try again tomorrow....

You can message me off line if there are any specific questions on this.


You might want to give Gerrit's 5.8.1-RC4 a try, it *seems* to be working better then 5.8.0. It still freezes when building some modules, but at least automake/autoheader/autoupdate work. Also, it now seem to not freeze gdb anymore, so executing a perl command should allow you to trace. However, wait until he announces the new version which has a few bug fixes.


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