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Re: GNU Emacs build: NTEmacs vs cygwinized

Joe Buehler wrote:

FRC wrote:

xterm.c:4488: `XtNbeNiceToColormap' undeclared (first use in this function)

Got it -- don't compile with Xaw3d.

Xaw3d hasn't been recompiled against 4.3.0 yet, and since libXt is static, the internal libXt for Xaw3d is still geared for 4.2.0. Actually, this is a "side" effect of the ongoing libXt brokeness. At this point, it seems like there might be solution but it hasn't been fully worked out yet, see the Cygwin/XFree86 for more info. As it stands, any shared "widget toolkit" libraries (lesstif, etc) linking to libXt will cause linked applications to fail. Because of this, I've been delaying the rebuild of Xaw3d until libXt is fixed. However, if it isn't in a few weeks, then I'll re-release the package with the static-only archive. The static library ought to be ok, though, since compiling static doesn't seem to expose this problem in libXt.


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