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Re: portable install on usb flash drive?

Dick Repasky wrote:
I'd like to install cygwin on a usb flash drive so that I can plug the drive
into any windows box and have cygwin available to me. The question is: will
this work? My concern is not having registry keys in place on machines into
which I plug in the flash drive. Will that be a problem?



Just one piece of advice. Consider "upx"ing all of the .dlls and .exes (upx allows you to compress .exes and .dlls so they are automatically expanded when run), this can make the distribution quite a lot smaller. Make sure you get the closed-source upx from the home-page rather than the one distributed from cygwin if you want to make really small executables.

I'm actually going to have a go at "cygwin-on-a-key" shortly, because I'm going to buy one soon :) So let us know how you get on. I've heard that cygwin writes / reads from the registry so will have to have a look at that.

I am really only interested in using cygwin, and don't really care about users (if it is avoidable), but having xfree86,bash and a splattering of utils in 64MB or so would be really useful :)

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