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Mostly reproducible rsync hangs

I am having a problem with Cygwin and rsync.

I have reproduced this on multiple systems, all SMP boxes running
Windows XP, and on multiple versions of Cygwin (including DLL 1.3.22
and DLL 1.5.2).

To reproduce, I just configure sshd on a machine (call it
"cygwin-host") and run the following command from any RH9 Linux

    rm -rf /tmp/usr
    rsync -av -e ssh cygwin-host:/usr /tmp

Almost always, the transfer hangs after a few megabytes have been
transferred.  But it does not hang in exactly the same place.
According to "ps", both the rsync and sshd process on cygwin-host are
stuck in "O" state, and they stay there until they are killed.

This happens for any large rsync from cygwin-host to the Linux
machine, provided I initiate the transfer from the Linux machine.  If
I initiate an rsync from the Cygwin host (in either direction), or if
I push a large tree from the Linux host to the Cygwin host, it always
works, even for multi-gigabyte transfers.

I will attempt to debug this myself, but I am curious whether others
are able to reproduce it.  Note that I am not sure whether Windows XP
is relevant, but I am pretty sure that SMP is.


 - Pat

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