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RE: Directory Path Problem

Hi Bill,
Thanks for the response. The problem is all my
filenames are in lowercase. And my application is
referring to them in UPPERCASE. Since unix is case
sensitive, it is unable to find them and erroring out.
This is not a problem with Windows as it is case
Now I have to figure out whether to change the case of
the files or if there is another option.

--- Bill McCormick <> wrote:
> > My problem would be solved if i can replace
> /cygwin/c
> > by c:
> > 
> > Is there anyway I can do it?
> That should work ... that is it works for me:
> If I enter 'cd c:' I go to /cygwin/c.
> If I enter 'ls c:\winnt' I see the corrent dir
> listing.
> What to you see?
> What to you see if you type 'mount' ?
> Bill
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