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Map Backspace to ASCII DEL?


I've searched through the mailing list and have seen many posts related to backspace and delete behavior, so my apologies in advance for yet another one, but I can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for in the archives.

Currently it seems that the cygwin terminal sends ^H (ASCII BS, 0x08) for backspace, and the VT220 Remove escape sequence (\E[3~, 0x1B5B337E) for Delete. I'd like it to send ^? (ASCII DEL, 0x7F) so that ^H can be used by applications (e.g. emacs). This is how I've always configured other terminal emulators that I've used, and it has worked well.

I believe Cygwin just repeats what it gets from Windows. Typically for the console this would changed via keymaps, but I don't see that Cygwin uses this. I don't want to change my mapping in Windows as obviously that would mess up my native environment. Is there a low level way to change the keymap for Cygwin? If not is there a source hack I could implement (and if so where in the source should I look)?



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