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RE: New version help

Thanks for the reply. Cygcheck returns version 1.32, and my package
information as follows:

C:\cygwin\bin>cygcheck -c
Cygwin Package Information
Package                 Version
_update-info-dir        00197-1
ash                     20020731-1
base-files              2.1-1
base-passwd             1.1-1
bash                    2.05b-9
binutils                20030307-1
bison                   20030307-1
bzip2                   1.0.2-2
clear                   1.0-1
crypt                   1.0-2
ctags                   5.5-4
cvs                     1.11.5-1
cygipc                  2.01-2
cygutils                1.1.4-2
cygwin                  1.3.22-1
cygwin-doc              1.3-4
diffutils               2.8.1-1
emacs                   21.2-12
emacs-el                21.2-12
emacs-X11               21.2-12
findutils               4.1.7-4
gawk                    3.1.3-1
gcc                     3.2-3
gcc-mingw               20020817-5
gdbm                    1.8.3-3
gettext                 0.11.5-1
grep                    2.5-1
groff                   1.18.1-2
gsl                     1.3-1
gzip                    1.3.3-4
less                    378-1
libbz2_1                1.0.2-2
libgdbm                 1.8.0-5
libgdbm-devel           1.8.3-3
libgdbm3                1.8.3-3
libgdbm4                1.8.3-7
libiconv2               1.8-3
libintl                 0.10.38-3
libintl1                0.10.40-1
libintl2                0.11.5-1
libjpeg6b               6b-8
libncurses5             5.2-1
libncurses6             5.2-8
libncurses7             5.3-1
libpcre                 4.1-1
libpcre0                4.3-2
libpng12                1.2.5-1
libpopt0                1.6.4-4
libreadline4            4.1-2
libreadline5            4.3-2
libtiff3                3.6.0-2
login                   1.9-5
m4                      1.4-1
man                     1.5j-2
mingw-runtime           3.0-1
mktemp                  1.4-1
ncurses                 5.3-1
newlib-man              20020801
opengl                  1.1.0-6
openssl                 0.9.7b-1
openssl096              0.9.6j-1
pcre                    4.3-2
pcre-doc                4.3-2
readline                4.3-2
sed                     4.0.7-1
sh-utils                2.0.15-3
tar                     1.13.25-1
termcap                 20021106-2
terminfo                5.3_20030726-1
texinfo                 4.2-4
textutils               2.0.21-1
w32api                  2.3-1
wget                    1.8.2-2
which                   1.5-1
XFree86-base            4.3.0-1
XFree86-bin             4.3.0-1
XFree86-etc             4.3.0-3
XFree86-fenc            4.2.0-3
XFree86-fnts            4.2.0-3
XFree86-lib             4.3.0-1
XFree86-lib-compat      4.3.0-1
XFree86-startup-scripts 4.2.0-5
XFree86-xserv           4.3.0-3
zlib                    1.1.4-1

As in the previous version I ran (unfortunately I don't have it anymore),
when executing the Cygwin desktop icon, gave me a prompt as per tutorial I
found that goes as follows:

 you@I23 ~
    $ _

>From here I could cd to a any folder on my c: drive, and compile c++
programs etc. With this new version I am getting only the bash-2.05b$ prompt
from where nothing works. I can't change directories, g++ --version returns
a "command not found" error. I read a lot about setting a path, but I'm not
sure where it should point to exactly, and trying to set a path does not
work either. When I type only "cd", it gives the error "/home/Hotdog: No
such file or directory".

I am running WinXP with SP1 and the latest security patch. I am possibly
missing something important, but I can't put my finger on it. I removed the
older version of Cygwin using the procedure as described in the FAQ before
installing this 1.32 version.

-----Original Message-----
From: Igor Pechtchanski []
Sent: 24 August 2003 04:13 PM
To: Fred Mülder
Subject: Re: New version help

On Sun, 24 Aug 2003, Fred Mülder wrote:

> Hi,
> I have used an older version of Cygwin before. With the new version when I
> click on the icon, I get stuck with a console prompt that says
> and I am sort of lost from there, as I can't change directory, neither can
> use g++, tar or any other command. I am lost. Can someone please tell me
> where I am, and how to get to a point where I can help myself again?
> Thanks in advance!
> Fred


Please read <>, in particular the bit about
attaching cygcheck output.  This output will contain the information about
your machine and your Cygwin installation.  The cygcheck executable should
be in c:\cygwin\bin, provided you installed in the standard suggested
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