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Problems with cygwin, "expect" and ssh

I've done a fair bit of searching on the net (6+hours of googling), but
can't find a solution, or a complete "No, there's no way to work around
that" to this problem:

   I have to log into a large number of systems, and on some sets (such as
"all devboxes") I like to keep my password the same, for convenience.  (and
to keep my memory sane; I really need to keep this list from going
   Ssh is my tool of preference, though I could use <shudder> telnet.
Unfortunately, the Higher Powers have declared private key authentication
illegal so far (I'm working on them), so I am left with typing this stuff by
   All of that, I can more or less deal with, until *Password*Day*.
Remember "hundreds"?  Obviously, I don't log into all of these boxes during
a given month, but I really have to be able to get to them when the time

   Enter "expect", which ships with a little script for changing your
password (even on multiple systems en-mass). Nice.  Except... it doesn't
seem to work with ssh...  Near as I can tell from my googling, a problem of
openssh reading the tty directly, rather than allocating a tty.  True?
False?  What about other things?; messing with the CYGWIN variable, adding
"tty" in there was not helpful, nor was adding "-t" to ssh.  Any other
ideas?  I don't want to use telnet... "console telnet" is nice, and will get
the job done, but it's not a secure answer.

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