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Re: system() refuses to work!!! HELP

It did not work. I do not manage to understand what happens of wrong. 

Em 14 Oct 2003, Andrew DeFaria escreveu: 

>Moises D. Deangelo wrote: 
>> Yes. 
>> When entering with the command ls -l /bin/sh.exe, the appeared following: 
>> -rwxr-x---+ 1 Diego Usuários 83456 Aug 11 10:45 /bin/sh.exe 
>> And now? what Do I do? Does that mean something? How I said, or the 
>> command system() works, or I learn to activate speaker through cygwin. 
>> In ultimo case, whether someone knows how to execute a .WAV or .MP3 
>> and can explain am thankful. 
>You could try system("/bin/cat .wav > /dev/dsp"). Note that this 
>does not handle mp3's just wav's. 
>(Note that /bin/cat will probably not work for a Turbo C program because 
>/bin/cat is a Posix path. You might need to do something more like 
>system("C:\Cygwin\bin\bash -c '/bin/cat .wav > /dev/dsp'"). Also 
>note that you need to subsititute a real wav file name for .wav). 
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