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Re: Query regarding Cygwin make/Gnu Make

Hello, Karthik.

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 03:04:28PM +0530, Rajagopalan, Karthik wrote:
> test$(EXE) return -1 back because of encountering a error in code test.c.

I'm not sure what values are meaningful for make and how -1 is
interpreted: the argument of exit(3) seems to be (signed int), but bash
returns something like (unsigned char), where values 126, 127 and
128-... have special meanings, which yields codes 0 - 125 for use.

> This return value stops the execution of "make" utility in Cygwin to proceed
> to next command
> 		diff test.res test.std
> where in Linux it proceeds to execute the above code.

On my Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 system make doesn't proceed to the next
command. "info make" states the following:

"If there is an error (the exit status is nonzero), `make' gives up on
the current rule, and perhaps on all rules."

I can't see in which circumstances make gives up on all rules, but what
I see is that it should abort the execution of the current rule on any
non-zero exit status.

Hope this helps,

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