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Re: Cygwin port of Perl broken on Win32? Or does Cygwin not run on win32?

Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wrote:

> Are whatever changes you had to make going back into the CPAN 
> versions?

Short answer:

I will do my utmost to send the appropriate patches to the appropriate

Long answer:

It's unlikely, but I'll do my best. CPAN modules are owned by their
authors, and no mechanism exists to update modules which their authors
do not have the time to maintain any longer (such as the
non-maintainer-upload system Debian uses) maybe if I manage to track
them down ask the authors' permission. Libwin32 itself is just a bundle
Sarathy had to make that itself has very minimal changes from the
original modules.

As far as the Win32:: methods marked CORE (in perldoc Win32), last year
I tried to abstract those functions out into a Perl extension that would
be a core extension, but didn't quite get there. I'll try to do so

It's very often much easier to fix something then to get those fixes
propagated upstream. Especially since the requirements may be different
for an upstream patch, and depending on how active the project is. Also
there's lots of cleaning up to do to make all this happen.

BTW, I've just ported Win32::GUI to Cygwin. Just taking care of some
warnings and regression tests and will post an announcement when it's
uploaded and in the libwin32-exp package.


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