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Re: file permissions issues on creation with cygwin 1.5.5-1?

At 10:57 PM 12/10/2003, Steven Hartland you wrote:
>----- Original Message ----- 
>From: "Larry Hall" <>
>> You've shown that files created with Windows have somewhat different 
>> permissions than files created with Cygwin.  That doesn't support your
>> conjecture that Cygwin utilities cannot access the files it creates.
>Im not sure on the details of the rsync one yet but the archive one is clear.
>If I have a tar.gz with with files in when I expand these using cygwin due
>to the issue with inheriance the files get owned strictly by the current user /
>group. Now when another user comes to access said files they cant
>even though they should as the permissions should have been inherited.
>> I don't see anything odd in your cygcheck output so you might want to 
>> try to run the offending commands with strace and, if the problem still
>> happens, see if there's anything in the output that indicates where 
>> things are going wrong.  If you can't see anything, send the output* to
>> the list with the exact command you used to create the problem.  Maybe
>> someone else will be able to see the problem area and/or reproduce it.
>Will look at getting a reproducable senario up and running then will
>report back for the rsync issue. I was forced to use other means to
>correct the original situation I was seeing the error in.
>> * Don't send the strace output to the list if it's larger than, say,
>> 50K-100K.  Just post it on some sight and send the URL where the file 
>> is to the list.
>Hehe I don't think I would do that even on an off day :P
>Thanks for your time so far Larry appreciated.
>    Steve

Steve, please make sure you don't quote people's email addresses in 
the body of your replies.  This goes to the list and becomes fodder 
for spam harvesters.  

OK, so for your example using 'tar', who is "another user"?  How do you
become this other user?  Is this user a local Windows account?  Is this
user accessing the file via Windows tools or Cygwin tools?  If that user
is using Cygwin tools, is the user in /etc/passwd?  Does it share any
groups in common with 'root' (this is, by the way, not a good name for
a user - Cygwin is instituting a 'root' user with uid 0 for better UNIX

Cygwin doesn't create files with the "inherited" permissions of Windows.
But it doesn't have to do that in order for others to be able to access
the files.  I've always had inheriting of Windows permissions turned off
here.  No problems.  What groups are listed for 'root' as far as Windows
is concerned?

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