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Re: About Cygwin license

At 11:00 AM 12/11/2003, Corinna Vinschen you wrote:
>On Dec 11 09:59, Larry Hall wrote:
>>   Also, as <>
>> points out, it doesn't matter what license the software distributed with
>> Cygwin is.  If it uses cygwin1.dll, which *is* GPL'd, it's GPL'd.
>*Sic*, no.  Read again under *** Note ***.
>Basically, if the application is open source, it keeps it's licensing. 
>This is important since, for instance,  the OpenSSH team wouldn't want
>OpenSSH being under GPL license and would therefore vehemently (and
>rightfully) protest against any linking with libcygwin.a.

Yes, yes.  That's why I pointed at <>.
It's all explained there.  The special exclusion for other open source
software and everything.  People with licensing questions should go 
there and read it.  That's the best source for information about the
licensing of Cygwin.  Discussion of the licensing on list is generally
of little value IMO since everything is all spelled out plainly in 

Can we let this thread die now?

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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