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Re: [ADMINISTRIVIA] New mailing list feature to force Reply-To

On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 08:25:31PM -0500, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 08:11:15PM -0500, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>I've made good my threat and implemented a new feature exclusively for
>>the cygwin mailing list.
>>If you send email to "", then
>>the mailing list software should set the reply-to to the same value
>>as your from address whenever you send email to the cygwin mailing list.
>>I've also added an X-IsSubscribed field to the header of any message
>>that comes from an address that is recognized as being subscribed.  You
>>can use this to determine whether to cc someone or just send email to
>>the list.
>>All of this is pretty experimental.  I'll be monitoring the mailing
>>lists closely to make sure that I haven't screwed anything up.
>Oh well.  I obviously screwed up.  The spam is coming in and the subscribe
>option doesn't work.  I sent the email above prematurely.
>Hang on.

Ok.  New plan.

I had to actually set this up as a mini-mailing list to allow ezmlm to
handle the "replyto" subscribe requests.

The new mailing list name is "cygwin-replyto".

If you send email to cygwin-replyto-subscribe-*ATSIGN*-cygwin-PERIOD-com
you will go through the standard subscribe process.  The mailing list
manager will ask you for confirmation, you will send email back and then
you will be subscribed to the cygwin-replyto "list".  Some of the
responses you get may be a little confusing since this is not really a
real mailing list and you can't send email to it (although, hmm, a
mailing list named cygwin-replyto which always added the reply-to is an
interesting idea).

You can also, as always send email to*ATSIGN*-cygwin-PERIOD-com

to subscribe

Once you're "subscribed" the mailing list manager (actually my mailing
list manager, all singing, all dancing, spam blocker, etc.) will add
a Reply-To to any message that sends to the list.

I'm taking my life in my hands right now by sending this email without
my usual explicit reply-to set just to test that this works.

I apologize for the flood of spam that accompanied my aborted effort to
get this working the first time.  I made the mistake of checking to see
if my new method worked without verifying that the spam blocking also
still worked.  I'm sure that all of the users of the
lists are very happy with the increased spam they received.

If this email makes it to the list without a reply-to, I will continue
to tweak things.  Please don't take that as an indication that I want
to enter into a personal dialog about cygwin or reply-tos.


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