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[FYI] Cygwin dll: mv'ing non-managed dirs to managed mounts also fails

Hi all,

I gather this isn't going to be fixed, which is fine by me, since cp -a -preserve=all works equally as well. However, I would like to note for the record and the archives that `mv` is also experiencing problems when moving non-managed folders to managed mounts as was hypothesized by CGF in:

The symptom is that, after the folder is moved, ls is only able to "see" files/dirs with all lowercase, returning ENOENT for any file/dir with a capital letter in its name.

I know that "patches are gratefully accepted", but I would suggest a two-tier approach to solving this. First, add a new routine and flag to mount which would allow the user to make mount walk the dir tree of the source and do what magic is needed to bring the items under "managed" mode. The second part would be to modify mv & friends to check for this attribute on the source and dest if copying between mounts, taking appropriate action as necessary. I don't think this is all that foreign to file-utils, since it somewhat analogous to manipulating files between ALC/EA-aware fs's and those fs's which are non-ACL/EA aware.


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