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Re: How to make Cygwin map backspace to ASCII DEL?

On Fri, 19 Dec 2003, Hannu Koivisto wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski <> writes:
> > "man stty"
> I'm well aware of the stty program.  I was going to add "please,
> don't suggest stty" to my original mail, but thought it might be
> somewhat impolite.
> If you are trying to imply that 'stty erase $(tput kbs)' (where
> tput kbs outputs ASCII DEL) would do what I want, you must have
> misread the question.

Yes, that's exactly what I meant to imply.  Without further description of
your problem, this is about as much advice as anyone can suggest.  FYI,
the terminfo database has changed a few times, and I'm not at all certain
that the 'kbs' value stayed intact.  On my system, 'tput kbs' prints ASCII

> It doesn't and I think it shouldn't.  Or is there some Cygwin specific
> extension in the stty program that does what I want?  I don't see
> anything in stty(1).

I still think 'stty' is what you want.  Another place to look is the shell
initialization files (e.g., the default /etc/profile has a bash-specific
section that issues 'stty erase ^?' -- has that section become
bash-specific recently?).

Alternatively, look at the CVS history of in
winsup/cygwin.  That should tell you if anything changed WRT the character
produced by BackSpace.
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