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Re: Is perl-5.8.2 canonized for use on cygwin yet?

Blair P. Houghton wrote:

The people who were crazy enough to leave their email addresses in perl's cygwin installation docs aren't being helpful (unless you call reflexive BOFH-grade whining helpful). You'd think they'd understand not to make themselves available as POC if they're not POC. Go figure.

In response to a (private) "request" for help that included the polite statement: "I got your names out of . Hey, that's what you get for putting them in there." I (privately [*]) wrote the following "BOFH-grade whining":

None of us (with the exception of Gerrit) have had anything to do with
perl since before 5.6.0.  And even Gerrit probably doesn't appreciate
getting cygwin-related email in his personal box.

Please keep cygwin-related question on the cygwin mailing list.  Gerrit is the current maintainer, reads the list,
and is (one of) the most qualified to answer questions about the current
perl distributions on cygwin.  And if he doesn't know, somebody else on
the list will.

[*] well, restricted to the list of previous recipients

Mr. Houghton, there is a difference between a POC and a historical record of major contributors. As with most projects, new contributors perl's cygwin port are loath to remove the record of their predecessors, and simply append their name to the existing list. Meanwhile, the earlier contributors have almost certainly moved on.

I was perfectly content to ignore this, but I couldn't allow you to accuse Eric, alex, Steven, Sebastien, and Teun of whining and unhelpfulness. Unless you got other emails on which I was not CC'ed, blame ME not them for any "whining" you believe is represented by the above text. (Gerrit is around and can defend himself, and I really don't care what you say or think about me.)

Gerrit: I suggest that you edit the README.cygwin file, leaving in the names of the contributors (hell, delete mine if you want) and eliminate all email addresses except, so we don't need to go thru this exercise again.

End of my contributions to this thread.


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