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Re: Is perl-5.8.2 canonized for use on cygwin yet?

Yitzchak wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 29, 2003 at 09:38:05PM +0100, "Gerrit P. Haase" <> wrote:
>> > What sets LIB in the cygwin environment?  It comes verbatim from the
>> > DOS environment list but I don't see the importation in any of the
>> > layered rc files (but I could've missed it).  And is there a way to
>> > automatically make cygwin translate these paths from backslash to
>> > forward slash when importing? You'd think that would be the default.
>> >  Is there a way to suppress all importation or all but a list of
>> > explicitly named variables?  Obviously I can exclude some by
>> > redefining them in the bashrc files, but what I'd rather do is
>> > exclude all except those I want included, in case some software
>> > installs new ones.
>> LIB isn't used by Cywin, but it is used by Perl.  Just unset it before
>> the build, it is not needed.

> How is it used by Perl?  Or do you just mean the use of MakeMaker passing
> it to subdirs?

It is a user variable that may be used to define additional search
paths.  Cygwin applications doesn't need VC++ libraries and therefore
doesn't need VC++ LIB path settings.

Generally avoid using paths containing spaces on Cygwin.


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