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MySQL 4.0.17 available for testing


finally the MySQL Server is running on Cygwin.

I cannot say what was the problem with previous Cygwin or MySQL
versions, I just know it is running stable now;)

Please fetch a copy here if you want to test it:

There are several tarballs, one is the patch needed to build from
source with shared client libraries:

Then a tarball which was created with the make_binary_dist script, the
content from this package extracts to its own subdirectory so you can
unpack it everywhere, or move around the tree after unpacking:

There are some docs in the top directory about setting up a database
server and the manual is in the docs directory, be sure to read all
the docs before asking me why it is not working for you;)

The source package I used (identical content as the original from any mirror, just uncompressed and recompressed with bzip2 which
saved 3MB space):
(Please save my bandwidth and fetch the original sources from one of
the mirrors:

To rebuild yourself from source see the README at my side which shows
how I configured the source.

I found very useful to examine the database with the MySQL Control
Center (the Windows version), go and fetch the latest version here: 

Have fun,

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