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Enhanced mkcygwget Script

Cygwin has been a very useful tool to me. However, I have always had problems with the setup install from the Internet. It may have been due to the network connections, load on the mirror sites or what have you. I didn't realize jut how big Cygwin was until I had a complete set of files to install from. I saw a note in the documentation about Randall R Schulz's mkcygwget. I took the script and added most all the features people were looking for. The heavily commented script puffed up to 615 lines of code from the original 50+ lines. I am not sure if any of the original code survived. I finished enhancing the script around July 2003. I have been testing it in several environments: Red Hat Linux, MS Windows ME, and MS Windows 2000. The script seems to work reasonable well. My resulting setup at work allows me to XDMCP to a Solaris host on a daily basis.

I also have created a version for people who do not have either a Linux environment or an existing Cygwin environment. mkcygwgetboot supplies both the mkcygwget shell script along with the necessary Cygwin *.exe and *.dll files to boot a full local mirror from one of the Cygwin web mirrors. All the individual Cygwin packages are downloaded from the web. Then the normal Cygwin setup.exe program would be used to install Cygwin from the local mirror.

Thanks for all the people who have contributed to Cygwin. I hope this script is helpful to others. It has certainly illuminated me to just how powerful the Cygwin environment is.

Greg Morgan

Release Notes


mkcygwget boot Release Notes

mkcygwget boot tar.gz format

mkcygwget boot zip format

CVS location of the original script and the enhancements

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