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Re: Can't update cygwin, won't connect to any ftp server

On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, Tim Partridge wrote:

> I redownloaded the setup.exe file today to update my cygwin install, so
> I have the most current version, 2.416. I'm running WinXP.
> When I try to update my installation, I always receive the error
> "unable to get setup.ini from <>".
> I performed the following steps:
> 1) ran setup.exe, clicked next
> 2) chose "Install from Internet"
> 3) chose "C:\Program Files\Cygwin" as root dir, install for "All Users"
> using "Unix" text file type and proceeded even after receiving a warning
> message to not install to a dir which contains a space.
> 4) chose "C:\Documents and Settings\Tim\Desktop" as the local package dir
> 5) chose a "direct connection"
> 6) selected ""; from the download sites list
> All that I see is
> Downloading...
> setup.bz2
> Connecting...
> Progress 0%
> My internet connection works, so that is not the problem. I read the faq,
> and searched the cygwin mailing list and the google usenet archive, which
> resulted in some promising, yet unsucessful advice:
> 1) remove the file "last-mirror"... I can't find one
> 2) remove the trailing blank from the download location... there isn't one
> Any suggestions? thanks,
> Tim Partridge

Well, Tim, there are a few things you can try:

1) Try accessing the failing mirror via Internet Explorer.  If you're able
to see the directory and get the files, use "IE5 Settings" instead of
"direct connection" in setup.exe.

2) Try a different mirror -- sometimes there are random problems accessing
particular mirrors.  A mirror in Canada might be faster, too.

3) Make sure you have write permission to the local package directory (do
you really want all those files on your desktop?)

4) Once setup is finished (unsuccessfully), look in /var/log/setup.log and
/var/log/setup.log.full to see if there were any problems reported.  Note
that the former file is persistent, while the latter (more detailed) gets
overwritten every time setup runs.

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