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Re: How to access soundcard in cygwin

On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, kaiduan xie wrote:

> Hi, all,
> I am going to port a Linux program that read/write the
> soundcard with OSS driver to Cygwin. Can anyone tell
> me if it is possible to use the OSS API as in Linux to
> read/write the soundcard?

Depends on what the OSS API does.  AFAIK, nobody released an OSS (whatever
that is) library for Cygwin, so I guess the answer is "no".  Whether it's
possible to port the OSS library to Cygwin remains to be seen...  FWIW,
/dev/dsp *is* partially implemented in Cygwin.

> If not, how to do that in Cygwin? Thanks.

How to do what?  Access the soundcard?  Try 'cat a.wav > /dev/dsp' to
write to the soundcard.  AFAICS in the code, the 'read()' method is
dummied out, so I guess it's not possible to read from the soundcard
(i.e., record from the microphone).  This guess is confirmed by


You're welcome to try to add the recording (i.e., reading) support to in the Cygwin sources.  There was some discussion on
cygwin-patches that may point you in the right direction (notably

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