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RE: Oh dear, pthreads and stdio still not mt-safe :-(

> -----Original Message-----
> From: 
> [] On Behalf Of Christopher Faylor
> We are missing a pthreads maintainer at the moment so it 
> isn't likely that this will be fixed anytime soon.
> FYI,
> cgf

  Ah, thanks for the info.  I noticed that a few people have been working on
it lately, including yourself and Thomas Pfaff, so I was hoping that any
known problems or workrounds might be fresh in people's minds.  May I ask if
whoever last was maintainer left any notes or docs about problems/work
needed?  Anything with clues in it might help.   

  Meanwhile I've just tried a new variant of my testcase using the win32
thread functions instead of pthread_create and pthread_join, and the
problems remain; so I think this must be a stdio bug rather than a pthread
bug.  I've gotta leave for home now, but I'll send in the new test with the
win32-based threads tomorrow if anyone's interested.

  Finally, because that last post was rather long, and nobody might have
noticed a one-liner right in the middle, I'll just repeat this last

  Shouldn't rand_r be exported in cygwin.din?  It doesn't seem to be ATM.

  cheers all,

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