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Re: SSH-Keyauthentification with Windows 2003

At 08:48 AM 1/8/2004, you wrote:
>I want to realize SSH-Keyauthentification with Windows 2003 and cygwin
> As ssh-client I use putty 0.53b on a Windows NT SP6-workstation.
> I use a technical account for the ssh-service with the privileges
>- logon as service
>- create token
>- replace process token
>because the local system account context does'nt work anymore under Windows

Sounds like you've read and followed the instructions in 
/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/openssh.README.  That's good.

>If I'm logged on locally on the windows machine (running the ssh-Service)
>with the account "p859301" and starting the putty-ssh-Shell from another
>one, the keyauthentification for the user "p859301" works fine. (this
>meanes, that  ssh is properly configured for this user)
>If I'm logged off locally from the machine (running the ssh-Service) and
>starting the putty-ssh-shell from another one , I can enter the passphrase
>for my public key and then get the following error message
>=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~= PuTTY log 2004.01.08 13:40:05
>login as: p859301
>Authenticating with public key "rsa-key-20031002"
>Passphrase for key "rsa-key-20031002": 
>Last login: Thu Jan  8 13:39:53 2004 from Could not chdir to
>home directory /home/p859301: No such file or directory
>/bin/bash: No such file or directory
>then, the shell closes .

I presume you have this same problem even with 'ssh' as the client?
Assuming you can't find a solution yourself (or haven't already), we need
more information.  Visit <> and provide
the information it requests.  Also, it would be good to know what the 
permission of your home directory (ls -l and getfacl) is and your .ssh
directory and files.  Seeing your /etc/passwd and /etc/group would also
be interesting.  One WAG is that at least some of your mounts are 'user'
rather than 'system' but that's based on extremely limited base information.

>starting the ssh-Service on the machine in debugmode, I got the following
>output , if I want to establish the ssh-session ont the client
>C:\cygwin\usr\sbin>sshd -d

If this is what you actually typed to run 'sshd' in debug mode and you 
aren't logged in as the ssh-service user, then this isn't going to be
useful output.  Generally, it's best to just set up another service (e.g.
'ssh-service-debug') that sets the debug mode flags (set them all), stop
the non-debug service, and start this one.  Then you always have the debug 
service there, properly configured, and easy to use whenever you have a 


>Has someone got ssh-keyauthentification to work under windows 2003 ?

 From reading this list, it would seem that at least some people have.

Larry Hall                    
RFK Partners, Inc.                      (508) 893-9779 - RFK Office
838 Washington Street                   (508) 893-9889 - FAX
Holliston, MA 01746                     

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