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Re: control-spacebar

On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, H. James de St. Germain wrote:

> Control spacebar doesn't work in the standard cygwin terminal.  This is
> a problem for those of us who love emacs...
> From the cryptic posts I've found on the web, it seems that this results
> because the "C-spacebar" is not a recognized ASCII value and thus is not
> being "sent"????

The fix might be as simple as adding a corresponding row for 'space' to
the keytable array in line 1662 of winsup/cygwin/

> Could someone who understands what is going on give us all a good
> description of why C-SPC is not working and how, if there is a way, we
> can get around this problem.

For a temporary workaround, use rxvt.
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