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Re: control-spacebar

On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, Larry Hall wrote:

> At 05:03 PM 1/8/2004, H. James de St. Germain you wrote:
> >(But doesn't everyone just work in emacs anyway?)
> No, if I'm one of "everyone".

Hey, I personally use vi(m).  But I do know people who'd like to boot up
emacs as their OS. :-)

> >Then when you start cygwin, it pops up an rxvt terminal for you.
> >
> >NOTE: in the past I have had
> >
> >  setenv CYGWIN "tty"
> >
> >in my resource file (.tcshrc) and this causes the rxvt to core dump
> >upon exit.  Removing this line seems to have fixed the problem.
> Right.  "tty" is a Cygwin option that needs to be set *before* cygwin DLL
> is loaded.  That means it needs to be set before launching your cygwin.bat
> and before any Cygwin services.  One could argue that setting it where you
> did shouldn't cause a crash but that just degenerates to a PTC case IMO.

Technically, it needs to be set before launching any Cygwin programs from
cygwin.bat.  So, you actually can set it *in* cygwin.bat...  Just my 2c.
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