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Re: Switching between DOS and UNIX mode

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Elberger, Richard A. wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am looking to have "switchability" between UNIX mode and DOS mode in
> cygwin (the choice during the installation).  We install all of our
> cygwin installations in UNIX mode.
> A subset of our developers use Windows-based editors. We use the cygwin
> cvs to checkout files from a remote repository.
> For some reason, this hiccups the windows editors -- probably CR/LFs.
> Is there a way to "switch" to DOS mode either through setting a variable
> in local shell, .profile, or some config file in /etc?
> thanks --
> -- rich

Use the 'mount' command.  In fact, you should be able to simply mount some
particular directories (e.g., the ones the checkout is done into) in text
(DOS) mode for those developers that need this, and leave the Cygwin
installation itself in binary (Unix) mode.  Note: mounts in Cygwin are
(currently) persistent.
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