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Re: CVS on Windows OS, under Cygwin: incompatibility with textmode

At 09:43 PM 1/9/2004, Agosta, John M you wrote:

>(w/ cross posting to
>I set up the CVS (1.11.6-3) port to Windows that comes in Cygwin.
>Everything worked fine, except checking out files with CVS was adding
>extra lines to files -- under some circumstances---checked-out files had
>the Windows \r\n line termination changed to \r\r\n. 
>It appears to be an interaction between Cygwin and CVS. Using a Cygwin
>port of a Unix shell appears to be necessary to running a command-line
>CVS client from Windows---using the windows cmd prompt to run CVS gave
>me errors.  The configuration is simple.  The archive is a remote file
>system mounted on the client windows machine.  All commands are run on
>the client with CVSROOT pointing to the archive directory on the remote.
>Here were the clues: The problem only appeared on one of two apparently
>identical client machines. The archive files themselves were not
>corrupted. All profile, install scripts, environment variables were
>identical on both machines, but the mount command showed that the
>mis-functioning machine mounted its directories in textmode, and the
>functioning machine in binmode. Since there is no equivalent fstab file
>in Cygwin, this configuration is read from in the Windows registry at
>boot time. (See
>The registry configuration is the first step in the Cygwin
>setup.exe---It can be modified by re-running setup  and choosing default
>text file type == UNIX (without re-installing any files). 
>Users who choose this setting will have to accept not being able to open
>files saved by Cygwin commands (e.g. cat) in Windows notepad.
>Fortunately most Windows applications (MS Word, VS6) have no problem
>interpreting line breaks in unix style text files. 
>I suppose that CVS is conservative when it archives files, and does not
>"unixify" them, but interacts with Cygwin to modify them on checkout.
>Is is possible to configure cvs to treat import and checkout
>consistently when Cygwin mounts directories in textmode?

IIRC, no.  There's history on this in the Cygwin email archives, if you're 
interested.  It's a PTC <> situation for the 
CVS code.

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