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Re: Updated: man-1.5k-2

At 03:58 PM 1/10/2004, Peter J. Stieber you wrote:
>Steve Kelem wrote:
>>>I installed this version, and I still get the ESC characters.
>>> Do you have any idea why I'm getting them?
>Larry Hall wrote:
>> Does '/usr/share/misc/man.conf' contain this line?
>> PAGER           /usr/bin/less -isrR
>I updated to man-1.5k-2 too and my '/usr/share/misc/man.conf' contains
>PAGER           /bin/less -is

Right.  If you have a man.conf file before, the update won't change it.
If you want the new defaults, you need to remove this file before you
update via setup.

>I don't get ESC chars because I setup the fix posted on this mailing list
>prior to the fix being provided in the man package. I think it was add the
>following to .bashrc.
>export LESS=R
>export MANPAGER=less

There are certainly other ways other than what I suggested to fix the 
issue.  The email archives mentions them for those interested in

Larry Hall                    
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