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Re: Problem with ssh/pvm/winXp

At 11:59 AM 1/12/2004, Pedro Luiz Nani Costa you wrote:
>Hi folks!!!!
>I´m trying to use pvm over cygwin, and i´m not sure about what is
>The thing is that i am using ssh instead of rsh. Well, no big deal...
>So far, look what it happens, if trying to add some hosts using pvm´s
>pcosta@pcdep06 ~
>$ pvm
>pvm> add pcdep49
>add pcdep49
>0 successful
>                    HOST     DTID
>                 pcdep49 Can't start pvmd
>Auto-Diagnosing Failed Hosts...
>Verifying Local Path to "rsh"...
>Rsh found in /usr/bin/ssh.exe - O.K.
>Testing Rsh/Rhosts Access to Host "pcdep49"...
>Rsh/Rhosts Access is O.K.
>Checking O.S. Type (Unix test) on Host "pcdep49"...
>Host pcdep49 is Unix-based.
>Checking $PVM_ROOT on Host "pcdep49"...
>The value of the $PVM_ROOT environment
>variable on pcdep49 is invalid ("").
>Use the absolute path to the pvm3/ directory.
>Moreover, look at these output:
>pcosta@pcdep06 ~
>$ ssh pcdep49 "export"
>declare -x ALLUSERSPROFILE="C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users"
>declare -x CMG_HOME="C:\\Arquivos de programas\\CMG"
>declare -x COMMONPROGRAMFILES="C:\\Arquivos de programas\\Arquivos comuns"
>declare -x COMPUTERNAME="PCDEP49"
>declare -x COMSPEC="C:\\WINNT\\system32\\cmd.exe"
>declare -x CYGWIN="ntsec tty"
>declare -x CYGWIN32="ntsec tty"
>declare -x HOME="/home/pcosta"
>declare -x HOMEDRIVE="c:"
>declare -x HOMEPATH="\\Cygwin\\home\\pcosta"
>declare -x LOGNAME="pcosta"
>declare -x LOGONSERVER="\\\\PCDEP49"
>declare -x LSFORCEHOST="pcdep64"
>declare -x MAIL="/var/spool/mail/pcosta"
>declare -x NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS="1"
>declare -x OLDPWD
>declare -x OS="Windows_NT"
>declare -x OS2LIBPATH="C:\\WINNT\\system32\\os2\\dll;"
>declare -x
>declare -x PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER="x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 3,
>declare -x PROCESSOR_LEVEL="6"
>declare -x PROCESSOR_REVISION="0803"
>declare -x PROGRAMFILES="C:\\Arquivos de programas"
>declare -x PWD="/home/pcosta"
>declare -x SHELL="/bin/bash"
>declare -x SHLVL="1"
>declare -x SSH_CLIENT=" 3002 22"
>declare -x SSH_CONNECTION=" 3002 22"
>declare -x SYSTEMDRIVE="C:"
>declare -x SYSTEMROOT="C:\\WINNT"
>declare -x TEMP="/cygdrive/c/WINNT/TEMP"
>declare -x TERM="cygwin"
>declare -x TMP="/cygdrive/c/WINNT/TEMP"
>declare -x USER="pcosta"
>declare -x USERDOMAIN="PCDEP49"
>declare -x USERNAME="pcosta"
>declare -x WINDIR="C:\\WINNT"
>What am i missing here??????

First, you should clarify what pvm is.  I'm assuming you mean 
<>, though I can't be sure.

AFAICS, the main problem is just that PVM_ROOT is not defined.  If that's the
case, just define it in the system variables (not the user's) in the Windows
control panel.

>It seems a problem with environmental setting, but i already define
> ~/.profile,  ~/.ssh/environment,  ~/.ss/rc, etc....

Assuming you mean environment variables, then see my response above.

>Oh!!! I´m using cygwin, pvm 3.4.3, windowsXp.......

This isn't enough information.  You should read through the "Problem reports"
link below.  This describes the proper "boot-strap" information that should 
accompany all problem reports to this list. 

>Any help it would be great!!!!!!
>Thanks in advance!!!!!
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