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incremental tar backups

Hi folks:

I am running cygwin under Win2K Pro SP4, and am having some trouble creating 
backups with the gnu tar 1.13.25 that came with my distribution.  Specifically, 
I can make a full backup (of a directory) using:

cygserver% tar -cf backup.tar -g /cygdrive/d/tmp/dumpdates-backup --ignore-
failed-read -l -v /cygdrive/d/myfolder

No problem, creates the list file, etc.  However, when I go to do my 
incrementals using the same command (different target file of course) I get

/cygdrive/d/myfolder/subfolder:  Directory has been renamed
/cygdrive/d/myfolder/subfolder2:  Directory has been renamed
etc., etc., etc.

None of the reported directories have been renamed.  So my "incrementals" are 

Now, at first I thought maybe this was due to whitespaces in the (windows) 
pathnames, but I have eliminated this possibility with some testing.  I have 
seen (old old old) references to a similar problem having to do with Windows 
changing the reported inode of files upon reboot but I have not rebooted the 
machine.  All files to be backed up are local.

It appears that anything within the C:\\cygwin directory has no problems... 
maybe just stuff accessed via /cygdrive/"X"???

BTW, I ported my backup scripts from an old WinME box on which they worked 

Any help greatly appreciated.



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