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RE: problems with cygrunsrv and inetd

At 09:23 PM 1/12/2004, Gary R. Van Sickle you wrote:
>> Ruud,
>> I know it can be difficult to remember everything a page says after
>> reading through it once, but this issue actually is mentioned in the
>> Users' Guide under "Internet Setup":
>> <>
>> "The Install For options of All Users or Just Me should always be left on the
>> default All Users, unless you do not have write access to
>> the registry or the All Users Start Menu. This is true even if you
>> are the only
>> user planning to use Cygwin on the machine. Selecting Just Me will cause
>> problems for programs such as crond and sshd."
>If indeed this is accurate and the whole story, the option should be removed,
>and write access tested for.  But I would think this should also decide whether
>the Cygwin program group and shortcut gets put in the All Users or the current
>user's start menu.

You mean this should be automated.  Sure, that seems possible.  From the 
code in it seems that the placement of shortcut and program group 
is dependent on whether "All users" or "Just me" option was selected so at 
least that part of it is in agreement with your suggestion, unless I'm 
missing something.  Someone would need to provide a patch that removed the
current options though and add the test you mention to automate the rest.
You've spent more time in the setup code than I have though Gary so you 
probably know better than I how easy or not this would be to implement.

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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