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Re: Cygwin serial issues

On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Tim Arganbright wrote:

> Hi Brian,
Please do not send personal email.  I do read the list, and there you will
have access to a much broader knowledge base.  Additionally, your question
and answer will then be recorded in the archives for others.  I
have directed this reply there.

> I have been reading about a lot of issues related to
> reading data from the serial port in a Cygwin
> environment, online recently.

> Is there a fix available in any of the mirrors for
> this?
Are you having a problem?  If so, please follow the instructions at

I only know of the following two issues:
1.) tcflush can hang for a while if the device constantly streams data.
2.) Communications can cease if the device overflows the input buffer.

1.) was fixed in CVS on 2003-12-11.  Any snapshot after that will include
it.  Otherwise, it will be in Cygwin 1.5.6 when it is released.
2.) I have a partial fix for, but since it doesn't directly effect me, I
have not given it any priority.

Brian Ford
Senior Realtime Software Engineer
VITAL - Visual Simulation Systems
FlightSafety International
Phone: 314-551-8460
Fax:   314-551-8444

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