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Re: playing ogg files in cygwin

On Tuesday 13 January 2004 19:51, Bob Clark wrote:
> Sven Köhler <> writes:
> >i also think, that cygwin doesn't have any OSS emulation, does it?

it have using /dev/dsp.  For the kde-3.1.4 cygwin port I've tried to build 
ogg123 and it does have problems with playing sounds using /dev/dsp. 
ogg123 uses threads for buffering and playing sounds and it seems to me that 
there are the problems. I had not enough time to find the problem,  so I 
stopped this port yet.

/dev/dsp has directly wave support, although the device handler does play the 
wave header, which result ins some start noice on playing. (This seems a 
known issue, because i've found a note in about this problem)

Additional we have compiled arts the unix related kde sound system 
using /dev/dsp successfully, altough there are latency problems caused by the 
fixed 16KB buffer size, which couldn't be changed by an application. 
A buffer size of 1KB would be better for our cases, but this value would be 
also fixed. 
I have prepared a patch for changing the buffer size, but hadn't found time to 
check this very deeply, so it may be need some more time for contributing, 
but if someone is interested to get this let me know.


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