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Meamory Leak while compiling

While compiling Mozilla with cygwin (a very long build) I have really noticed a problem that I have seen a couple times before. At some point in a build I get a fork: access denied message or something to that effect and a couple other similar errors. I reboot the computer and it's fine. If I try to continue using the computer I'll sooner or later get an insuficient resources message, winamp if it's running might crash, or the computer will outright crash.. So it has to be a leak of some kind. Non paged memory goes up while compiling but it does that anyway with other native programs that make heavy use of files but they don't crash the computer. I have seached and found messages that talk about leaks but I'm not positive it's relevent to my situation. I have tried the current and previous release builds of the cygwin dll but both exibit the same problem. I'm about to try to pull the latest revision from cvs to see if that addresses it.


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