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Re: MS offers "Services For Unix" free of charge

Actually, this has always been a potential issue, since SFU has been around
for a while.  The biggest conflicts, beyond path clashes which we 
unequivocally state must be resolved by putting Cygwin first in the path, 
are likely to be services.  But, so far, we haven't seen lots of complaints 
here about SFU clashes.  Maybe we'll see more now that it's free to download 
and use.  Or maybe SFU just works well with Cygwin. ;-)  But beyond 
curiosity, there's not many reasons to install and use both, at least 
concurrently.  Cygwin and SFU both address the same needs and Cygwin covers 
a wider range of tools.  We'll see what happens though.


At 02:43 PM 1/14/2004, Robb, Sam you wrote:
>Thought this might interest some of the folks who frequent
>this list... particularly those who have to support Cygwin
>installations, and might now have to deal with a parallel
>(conflicting?) install of SFU :-/
>Microsoft Offers Linux-Interoperability Software For Free
>Jan. 13, 2004
>Microsoft has decided to drop the $99 licensing fee previously
>required for its Services For Unix software and plans to make
>a new version of the interoperability product available this
>week at no cost on its Web site.
>The three main components of SFU--Unix's Network File System
>and Network Identity Service and Microsoft's Interix layer of
>Posix APIs--have all been tuned for better performance, with
>some commands running 50% faster, Oldroyd says. SFU 3.5 also
>features first-time support for P-Threads (for Posix-compliant
>multithreaded applications), a broader set of Posix APIs, and
>updated utilities and libraries.
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