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note about recent cygwin snapshot

Hi all, 

yesterday I have downloaded a recent cygwin snapshot and tried with the coming 
kde-cygwin 3.1.4. In the past I recognized, that running kde on cygwin is a 
good stress test for the cygwin dll. 

Please note that I'm still using cygipc for shared memory support, so I cannot 
say anything to this stuff. 

After running the kde-cygwin desktop and several application several hours, I 
recognized only two issues: 

1.  On every process start the following message is printed: 

     4 [main] ? 2988 shared_info::initialize: size of shared memory region 
changed from 21008 to 47112

2. On Windows XP I recognized sometime a curious behavior with 100% cpu eating 
processes after killing the xserver with the close icon or closing an 
internet modem connection. 
(For the bacis: With cygwin 1.5.5 this problem results in three cygwin based 
processes, hanging and eating all the cpu power, which leaves an unusable 
system) With this snapshot, this burden seems to be a little eased in such a 
manner, that there are only two proccess hanging in ntdll.dll,  but the 
system is usable, so that this processes could be killed with the 
task-manager. Looking at such a process with procexp shows me, that the 
problem must be in the application closing, because procexp shows only about 
20% of the initial used dll's, the others seems to be already closed. 
May be there is a problem with closing sockets or something else, because I'm 
wondering why the processes are hanging immediatly after closing the modem 
connection. For the next kde-cygwin release I have found a workaround, so 
this problem isn't very annoying, but by the time I'm going to analyse this 
problem a little bit more and will report if I have more infos. 

BTW: Thanks for all efforts. Great work. Especially fixing the threading stuff 
enables me to bundle the ogg123 player with kde-cygwin. 


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