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Re: MS offers "Services For Unix" free of charge

On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 20:35, Brian Dessent wrote:
> Christopher Faylor wrote:
> > >One thing that Cygwin does lack, and SFU has, is an NFS client :-/
> > >I know that alone will probably entice me into taking a look at
> > >SFU.
> > 
> > It would be rather interesting to add nfs to cygwin.  We could develop
> > filesystem "plug-ins" which could be generalized for stuff like NFS,
> > EXTFS, etc.
> > 
> > Didn't someone say they had a free month?  Perfect project.  :-)
> Ooh, ooh!  Somebody port KDE's Kioslave feature to Cygwin.  Then I'll
> finally be able to mount as a drive letter that ISO9660 image on my
> remote Appletalk share that's tunneled through ssh through a http proxy
> on my IP-over-carrier pigeon link.
> Brian
With carrier pigeon 1.0, the beak is so small you have to
dis-assemble/re-assemble the IP packets.

Carrier pigeon 2.0 has a bigger beak and can hold a full packet.

Unfortunately the evolutionary process is goin slow.  Maybe within a
couple of millenium.

Have you thought about using IP-over-turkey instead?  

It is slower and not very sexy, but with the bigger beak, you can get
better bandwidth.



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